Commercial Theater seats and Home Cinema seats Guide (Detailed)

For those looking to buy commercial theater seating or home cinema seating, we are happy to share with you the most helpful article you can find on the internet. In this article, we will explain the features of the theater seats and how you can get the best theater seating for your needs in a clear and understandable way, away from technical details.

Theater seating and cinema seating guide will be under 2 main headings.

1. Commercial theater seating and cinema seat guide

  1. Features of commercial theater seat
  2. Advantages of the theater seat
  3. Disadvantages of the theater seat
  4. Where to buy the best theater seat?

2. Home theater seating and cinema seats guide

  1. Features of home theater seating and cinema seating
  2. Advantages of home theater seat
  3. Disadvantages of home theater seat
  4. Where to buy the best theater and cinema seats?

1. Commercial Theater and cinema seat guide

Theater and cinema seats are two types of seats that are very close to each other. Although they are often confused, they are almost identical in feature and function. The main purpose of both seats is to increase the comfort of the person watching a movie or a show as much as possible and to offer various additional features.

Commercial Theater and Cinema Seat
Commercial Theater and Cinema Seat

1.1- Features of commercial theater and cinema seat

Commercial theater seats and cinema seats are specially produced to maximize user comfort. Unlike standard seats, the back and legs can be moved to increase the comfort level. The general features of commercial theater seats are as follows.

  1. Back and leg adjustments
  2. Soft sponges and armrests
  3. Cup holder chambers
  4. USB inputs
  5. Foldable table for equipment

1- Back and leg adjustments

Adjustable back and leg feature is the most basic feature of luxury theater seats. In this way, users can switch to the desired sitting or lying positions with the help of the remote control or buttons. These features, which are offered in luxury theaters and movie theaters, are a necessity to ensure comfort.

2- Soft sponges and armrests

Soft sponges and armrests are essential features of cinema and theater seating. Wooden, metal or plastic armrests, no matter how high quality they are produced, are not as comfortable as a soft sponge. With the seat design that hugs the user’s body, the maximum comfort that can be expected from a seat can be achieved.

Cup Holders
Cup Holders

3- Cup holder chambers

The cup holder chamber is a standard for theater and movie theater seating. Cup holders have now become a standard, even in standard conference room, movie theater seats without being luxurious. Users love to have a drink while watching a movie or a show.

4- USB inputs

USB ports are often used in theater seats for users to charge their tablets, computers or phones. Although they cannot offer a fast charge, they can be useful when necessary.

Foldable Seat Table
Foldable Seat Table

5- Foldable table for equipment

Foldable tablet holders or snack tables, on the other hand, are apparatuses that are generally located on the right side of the theater or cinema seat, made for the user to put their snacks or tablets.

1.2- Advantages of a theater seat or a cinema seat

The most important advantage of such seats is comfort and ergonomics. While watching something, they allow the viewers or users to give their full focus to what they are watching. In addition to satisfying users with extra features such as cup holders and usb ports, they provide maximum comfort with back and leg adjustments.

With its stylish and eye-catching designs, a luxury theater seat that best fits the ambiance of your home or theater-movie theater will immediately attract the attention of the audience and your guests.

Theater Seating - Cinema Seat
Theater Seating – Cinema Seat

1.3- Disadvantages of theater seat or cinema seat

It should be known that luxury theater seats are quite expensive than standard sofas and seats. These armseats, which offer the comfort and usefulness that a standard armseat cannot offer, have high production costs because they contain many technologies. In addition, luxury theater seating and cinema seating are not produced as mass production, they are generally produced with special production.

1.4- Where to buy the best theater seat?

Luxurious theater seats and cinema seats can only be produced by manufacturers who have been specializing in furniture production for years. If the right manufacturer is not selected, many problems can be encountered after a short time.

Many private manufacturers may want to sell their products at high prices due to high production costs. There is a great manufacturer country alternative for such situations: Turkey.

Since the theater seat manufacturers in Turkey have been specializing in furniture production for years, they are also experts in luxury theater and cinema seat production. Many manufacturers have the necessary equipment and knowledge to meet the demands and needs of their customers. Since the production costs in Turkey are low compared to European and Asian countries, they can sell high quality theater seats to buyers at affordable prices. Lux theater seat prices may vary as production is made according to preference and need. If you are looking for a luxury theater seat manufacturer from Turkey, visit On this website, you can find luxury theater seating manufacturers, luxury movie theater seating manufacturers, and movie theater seating manufacturers, as well as many furniture manufacturers. In addition, you can easily contact the manufacturers who will answer your questions such as theater seat prices, commercial theater seating quotation.

2.    Home theater seating and cinema seats guide

Home theater seating or cinema seats are the most favorite furniture of your home. It instantly wins the admiration of your guests with the comfort it offers as well as its elegance and glamor. In addition to commercial theater and movie theater seating, home theater seating has additional features to further enhance comfort. We will be happy to inform you, our valued followers, about the home theater seating and cinema seats.

2.1- Features of home theater seating and cinema seating

Home theater seating and movie theater seating have everything necessary to maximize your comfort with the additional features they offer. In addition to commercial theater seats, these seats, which also have a massage feature, will relax you like a masseuse giving you a massage while you are watching a movie. Let us explain to you the features of home theater seating and home cinema seats.

Home Cinema Seats Features
  1. Back and leg adjustments
  2. Soft sponges and armrests
  3. Cup holder chambers
  4. USB inputs
  5. Foldable table for equipment
  6. Massage feature
  7. Special lighting for your home decor
  8. Socket

We have explained many items in the commercial theater seats section. Therefore, we will briefly talk about the features.

1- Back and leg adjustments for theater seats

With the back and leg part adjustments, all the sleeping positions you want are possible with home theater seats while you enjoy the movie at home.

2-Soft sponges and armrests for theater seats

You will not have any back pain with the seats produced for you to reach maximum comfort with soft sponges and armrests.

3-Cup holder chambers for theater seats

With the cup holders, you can enjoy your drink while watching your movie.

Home Cinema Seat – Foldable Table

4-USB inputs for theater seats

With USB inputs, phone, tablet, etc. You can charge your devices.

5-Foldable table for equipment for theater seats

With the foldable table, you can have your snacks or take care of your tablet.

6-Massage feature for theater seats

The massage feature brings a Thai masseuse to your home while you watch a movie. Home cinema seats, which can massage your entire body from your neck to your feet with various massage methods, not only maximize your comfort, but also make you feel like cotton at the end of the movie. Luxury home theater seating offers you the maximum comfort and relaxation you can get from an armseat with its massage feature. If you are a self-indulgent person, definitely choose luxury home theater seats with massage feature.

7- Special lighting for your home decor

With the lighting suitable for the decor of your home, your seat becomes even more interesting. You can talk to the manufacturer for different color options.

8-Socket for theater seats

The socket is a more useful feature than USB inputs. You can charge your personal technological devices faster or use all the devices you want to use with sockets by using the socket feature in the luxury home theater seats that can be installed very easily.

2.2- Advantages of home theater seats or home cinema seats

It is not necessary to explain the advantages of a luxury home theater seat with the features we mentioned above. A home theater seat that gives you a massage while watching movies, provides maximum comfort and responds to your needs with its ergonomic design is a necessity for those who love comfort.

Advantages of home theater seating

2.3- Disadvantages of home theater seating or home cinema seats

Each feature we mentioned in the features section means extra cost. A full-function home theater seat or home cinema seat is expensive compared to other seat types.

2.4- Where to buy home theater seating and home cinema seats?

Turkey is the best alternative for home theater seating as well as commercial theater seating. Home theater seating and home cinema seats manufacturers in Turkey, with years of experience, are able to offer their customers the most affordable products. You can make choices according to the decor of your home or cinema room with the specially produced home cinema seats that can be produced according to your wishes.

Manufacturers of luxury home theater seats in Turkey can sell high quality seats to their customers at very affordable prices. If you are looking for a home theater seat manufacturer, home cinema seating manufacturer, visit Furniture From Turkey website to reach reliable and experienced Turkish furniture manufacturers. The factories of the manufacturers on this website have been visited and their reliability has been proven after dozens of orders. You can reach your questions such as luxury home theater prices, luxury home cinema seats quotation by contacting the manufacturers on this website.


Dear followers, in this article, we shared information about commercial theater seating, commercial cinema seats, luxury home theater seating and luxury home cinema seating. In addition to this information, we gave information about the features, advantages and disadvantages of theater and cinema seats, as well as answering the question of where you should buy theater-cinema seats. For more information, you can contact us or visit Turkish auditorium manufacturers website. We would like to thank all our readers and wish them a good purchase!

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