Why are motors used in home theater seating?

Home Theater seating, unlike many other chairs and seats, focus entirely on comfort and technology.

The aim of home theater seats manufacturers is to increase the comfort of their users while watching movies as much as possible. For this reason, in addition to producing as comfortable a seat as possible, they focus on many innovations that will make their customers’ lives easier and increase their movie enjoyment.

Back and Feet Adjustment Home Theater – Cinema Seats

There are two main rules for providing comfort. Correct position and soft sponges.

To ensure the correct position, the use of motors capable of back and leg adjustments is now a requirement. Because no matter how comfortable you produce a seat, fixed theater seats will be insufficient after a while. For this reason, it is no longer a dream to move your seat 180° with the help of motors and watch your movie in all the positions you want. With the help of a few buttons, you can sit or lie down in the position you want while watching the movie.

Proper use of sponge, a recline designed to take the shape of the person using the mattress, is a must-have feature in all seats. Using the right sponge increases the comfort of the users by 200%.

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